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10 Furnace Failures

1. Cracked Heat Exchanger

~ Can be prevented with regularly scheduled maintenance

2. Dirty Filters

~ When filters accumulate dirt, the furnace will work harder. This can lead to

higher energy cost. Filters should be changed about every 30 days.

3. Frayed Blower Belt

~ Do you hear a squeal? Call Porcellini HVAC to have this replaced and fixed.

4. Faulty Pilot

~ This will lead to a reduction in the heat getting into your home.

5. Thermostat Malfunctioning

~ This could lead to issue with the fan and your comfort levels.

6. Yellow Colored Pilot or Flickering

~ It’s possible there is excessive carbon monoxide in a gas furnace.

7. Ball Bearing Issues

~ Do you hear a scraping sound? Turn off the furnace and call Porcellini HVAC

Services at 302-507-5777.

8. “Short Cycling”

~ Filters could be clogged causing air flow to be restricted or there is a thermostat


9. Limit Switch

~ Furnace blower stays running. Call Porcellini HVAC Services at 302.507.5777

10. Mechanical Problems

~ Loud sounds could be a result of mechanical issues, clogged burner, or airflow


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