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The Importance of Ductwork

Have you ever had your system changed and still lacked your desired air flow? There can be several reasons why. Below we will discuss some of those reasons.

Lack of Return Air

This can reduce the amount of warm air that is contained in the house from being directed to the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat that is contained in the house.

Incorrectly sized supply trunk

If your supply duct is oversized it will reduce the air pressure moving through your supply duct causing poor air flow. Poor air flow can lead to unbalanced temperatures throughout the space.

Lack of insulated duct in warm areas

If you do not insulate the supply trunk in a warm area, it will condensate or sweat causing water damage to that area. You can increase efficiency of the HVAC system by insulated all trunks since heat is attracted to cold. When you insulate any ductwork it eliminates ambient air attraction to the air that is moving through the ductwork.

Improperly sealed trunks and/or individual leads

When trunks are not sealed properly, it allows the air to condition unwanted spaces. Such as, inside walls, in the basement, or in the attic.

Choice of duct material

There are 3 options when choosing duct.

Metal (Rigid)

Your rigid is the best because it has the least amount of air friction. This duct option allows the air flow to move effectively and freely.


It is necessary to use flex in short runs to lower the decibels created by air flow.


This option is easier to install and the least expensive, but is not a sturdy material. It can easily become damaged.

When it seems your HVAC system is not pushing air to your liking, remember to call Porcellini HVAC for an honest and accurate system evaluation and recommendations.

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